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Four separate sized Plastic Cutters , Light, easy to use with various veiners. A set of 4 Five Petal plastic cutters Can be used to...

 Cakes and Cake Decorations / 203 views

R 35.00

A brand-new, unused, Rolling Pin With 2 Different size thickness rings Type: Fondant Rolling Pin Material: Food Grade Plastic Color: White Package Includes: 1pcs rolling...

 Cakes and Cake Decorations / 203 views

R 50.00

A Shoe Set Silicone Mold A Shoe Set of 2 Pieces in 1 Silicone Mold Largest Figurine Size :  Height: 48 mm  Width: 23 mm  Depth: 27...

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R 80.00

4 DVD's Calligraphy in Sugar Borders in Sugar Embroidery in Sugar Advanced Embroidery in Sugar

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R 400.00